‘CHAMISA IS HEADING NOWHERE’ – Jabulani Sibanda dissociate himself from MDC-T

The new MDCT president Nelson Chamisa isn’t short of controversy and in less than 90 days has by his admission travelled to USA with Tendai Biti to request for sanctions to be maintained and then went on to tell the electorate that Sanctions will only be lifted if people vote for the alliance,…coercion and selling the nation to the West. Mugabe always said about MDCT being puppets of the West,…Im saying nothing,..you do the maths!
He went on recently to tell people at a rally in the rural areas, that they would build airports, supply bullet trains and spaghetti type of roads for them if they vote for the MDC ALLIANCE.
Now to add salt to the wounds of being lied to by politicians, the man who in 2014 warned Zimbabweabs about the bedroom coup and that Grace Mugabe was taking over, yet no one listened until the Alpha Omega ice cream poisoning of Mnangagwa, military coup and forced removal of Mugabe and his wife Grace, the ex war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has distanced himself from any association or links to the MDC-T after pictures of him and the MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa at his house went viral across social media.
Chamisa went to Sibanda’s house in Bulawayo while on a Bulawayo city MDC Alliance rally.
Jabulani said “Zimbabweans, I am surprised to see my photos with Chamisa all over the social media. If thus MDC operates there are heading no way I was surprised to see him and a his delegates at my house, little did I know that their mission is to portray me as one of them. I couldn’t chase them away, All what they said didn’t make sense on me.
“I have taken a sabbatical on politics, MDC please don’t use my name you could have told me that you were taking my photos for your political mileage I know where I belong. I disassociate myself to what ever story is attached to my Photos,” Sibanda said.
What I can say is that just like with Mugabe and Zanu pf, we kept people informed but there were millions who could never see the evil in Mugabe and Zanu and were quick to throw out our information dissemination, however we got to the end and the fall of Grace and Robert Mugabe vindicates us
Because we are not here to please any side, we will continue to publish the truth as its revealed about any and all opposition or ruling party member’s actions, activities, utternances or other , without fear or favour and many will make noise, and other childish responses,but that only fuels the drive to keep people more informed and FYI, the media thrive on exposing the truth..its all in aday’s work,..Wake up Zimbabwe,…Lets go! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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