Mphoko, ally ‘Frederick Mutanda plotting to assasinate Mnangagwa’ claims Energy Mutodi

Energy Mutodi has drawn criticism after posting on Facebook that VP Emmerson Mnangagwa was a target for assassination by Frederick Mutanda, a close ally to VP Phelekezela Mphoko.

Mutodi claims that Mutanda has since last year been plotting to assassinate Mnangagwa. Mutodi also said the alleged plot was as a result of the succession issue as well as Gukurahundi.

Read Energy Mutodi’s full facebook post below.


A close ally of Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko businessman Frederick Mutanda is plotting an assassination on Hon. VP E.D Mnangagwa since last year it has emerged. At the core of the plot is the succession issue as well as Gukurahundi. According to documents that are now in our possession, Frederick Mutanda approached former MDC-T treasury general Roy Bennett in Fourways, South Africa, where he told him of his intention to assassinate Mnangagwa for what he said were unwarranted arrests and malicious Exchange Control crimes which were leveled against him at the direction of the VP in post independence Zimbabwe.

During the meeting, Mutanda who intimated that he had served as chief body guard to the late VP Dr Joshua Nkomo emphasised the need to avenge sufferings he endured from Mnangagwa. He said he had been victimized by Mnangagwa for trying to expose the role he had played in the Gukurahundi killings as well as that of the President.

Mutanda also briefed Bennet how he had lost millions of dollars after a Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) bank auctioned off his personal property and goods held at Caps Holdings under the orders of VP Mnangagwa. Mutanda then promised Bennet that he would help him recover his lost farmland in Chimanimani provided he helped him fight and oust Mnangagwa because he was sure that VP Mphoko was going to be the next president as they would strategically remove President Mugabe from power after tactfully isolating him from his strong and staunch supporters.

Mutanda further mentioned that there is no way Mphoko will not be President as they have a good link with Russians and the South African government who will help them in getting rid of President Mugabe as soon as Mnangagwa is eliminated. However Roy Bennet turned him down, mentioning he did not believe him and his plans. He suspected Mutanda could have been an imposter and CIO operative. Mutanda further met Roy for the second and third time but was again told off as the former MDCT legislator emphasised that he was no longer interested in politics and was focusing on his life and family.

Mutanda, who is said to be married to the late Joshua Nkomo’s daughter who was divorced by former Minister Francis Nhema is said to have disclosed in further meetings with different people that he was working with Professor Jonathan Moyo and Vice President Mphoko himself to make sure that Mnangagwa was blocked from taking over from President Mugabe. He added that Mphoko would work with a Mthwakazi Liberation Front party to keep the Gukurahundi issue alive in Matebeleland while Professor Moyo would use Zimpapers and other media houses to discredit Mnangagwa.

He also added that under the grand plan, which would be kept away from Mashonas such as Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwawo who may spill the beans due their ethnic backgrounds and closeness to Ngwena, newspapers would first accuse Mnangagwa as being at the centre of Gukurahundi atrocities while exonerating Mugabe so as to win the President’s support or at least make him indifferent.

They would also issue radio station licenses to their loyalists where campaigns against VP Mnangagwa will be executed. He added that when public support for Mnangagwa waned, a plan to assassinate him would be put into action whereby he would be shot in Bulawayo while attending a Bosso-Dembare challenge match in honour of Gushungo’s AU and SADC chairmanship. The shooting would be publicized as a Gukurahundi revenge act and when it happens, the VP would be in the company of his Shona speaking peers such as Saviour Kasukuwere who would not have been briefed of the plot.

In the long term plan, when the team would have succeeded to pull down both Mnangagwa and President Mugabe, Phelekezela Mphoko would serve only one term, becoming Africa’s new hero after Nelson Mandela. Albert Matapo would be appointed Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces while Emmanuel Marara would head the ZNA. Moyo will then take over from Mphoko as President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces.- Source-bulawayo24

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