‘Opposition are working on a post Mugabe era, incase old man Mugabe is called by God’-ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa


ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa (pictured) has revealed that opposition political parties are strategising on a post President Robert Mugabe era to ensure that there is peace and stability in the country.Speaking at the Zapu congress in Bulawayo yesterday, Dabengwa said opposition political parties have met and discussed possible scenarios in the event that Mugabe steps down or dies in office.

“We have to look as to where we will be if the government falls. If it happens that, that old man (Mugabe) is called by God to go and receive punishment for what he did, what will we do?” he asked.

“There is a lot of fighting in Zanu PF. There are the G40s and the Lacostes. Are we going to fold our hands and watch? There will be serious riots and some will run out of the country. What we said is that we will call each other as political parties and talk over what can help the people of Zimbabwe.”

Dabengwa added: “There are some men like Ibbo Mandaza, Temba Dlodlo and others who call themselves Platform of Concerned Citizens. A few months ago they sat and came up with the view that Mugabe must be asked to step down and go to his home in Zvimba. There will be no one to trouble him.”

Dabengwa said the proposed National Transitional Authority (NTA) can look at what to do in accordance with the Constitution.

“While they are doing that, political parties will be continuing with their mobilisation in their organisations. But Parliament and judiciary will be left operating during transition. When the ground is level and those who are clever and smart would then win the election,” Dabengwa said.

He said the NTA could take charge of government and Cabinet, while political parties will not be part of it.

Dabengwa said parties will go around informing their membership on various issues concerning the transition and get their views on what should be done.

Meanwhile, Peoples Democratic Party secretary-general Gorden Moyo said the situation in the country has now reached boiling point.

“As you meet for your 8th congress you must know that out its getting dark. Those who are in power have been affected by fists. Their president is totally useless and if you look at him it is like you are doing body viewing,” Moyo said in a solidarity speech at the Zapu congress.

“Chinamasa (Patrick, Finance Minister) went across seas to look for money and came empty handed with only his beard.”

He called on all opposition parties to join hands in order to defeat Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.

“Zanu PF is fighting and its leader is just concerned about his wife. Let us bury our differences and work together we will defeat the enemy. We just currently ruled by corpses,” Moyo said.

Mavambo/Kusile leader Simba Makoni said Zanu PF has failed to provide food to the starving masses.
“There was enough food in this country but now people are starving. They took the farms and they are now growing grass,” Makoni said.

He said leadership does not mean using force on one’s people.

“If you look at the leaders we have today and ask them when they last sat under a tree and talked to our parents they do not even know. That is why they do not know how people are suffering,” Makoni said. source-newsday

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