Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) Sends 49 Employees & Managers Home

In a nation reeling from unemployment running at 80% of the employable masses, who include graduates, now surviving as vendors, the recent controversial ruling by Zimbabwe’s Supreme court, has put the final nail into the coffin that clearly proves the 91 year old , despot, President Robert Mugabe, his Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats do not have the people at heart.

THE Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara), Board chair Albert Mugabe has confirmed that  49 workers including senior managers such as the group spokesperson Augustine Moyo, have been sent home.

This development is part of the relentless onslaught of mass company dismisals that have arisen in within a short space of time, less than three weeks after the controversial Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruling.The ruling gave  employers the right to terminate workers contracts on a three-month notice without benefits.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) Board chair Albert Mugabe claimed that aimed the aim of this exercise is to  lower labour costs by down sizing to the appropriate level for  profitable company operations.


This comes riding hot on the back of  the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)  having dismissed  350 workers , out of a target 1 500 to go by the end of dismissals excise. The Troubled national airline, Air Zimbabwe is also embroiled in talks to  fire more staff, whilst Mugabe’s  Zanu PF regime has also announced plans to cut down the size of the civil service  because of the high wage bill.

The controversial  Supreme Court ruling unleashed a  massive wave of sudden company  dismissals by such companies as Econet Wireless , Zimasco , National Railways Of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara), and Zimbabwe’s media companies  such as Alpha Media Holdings, Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe and the (Financial Gazette (Fingaz) which have jumped on the dismissals bandwagon.

The President Robert Mugabe acknowledged the crisis when he announced that, as a result of the controversial Supreme Court ruling,  at least  9000 workers have been fired on this new ruling which allows firms to fire employees on notice without benefits.

Zimbabwe’s trade unions have appealed to President Robert Mugabe to exceute his  presidential powers to stop the horror of employee dismissals.   Zimbabwe (PTUZ)’s Raymond Majongwe, of  the Progressive Teachers’ Union led Union leaders in demanding an urgent and effective moratorium and  gave Mugabe and  Parliament a 72-hour ultimatum  to reverse the controversial  Supreme Court judgement and amend the Labour Act and Constitution to guarantee employee job security.

The people of Zimbabwe can only be expected to accept so much before this spills over into an uncontrollable wave of defiance to black oppression of blacks by the corrupt, ruthless Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime. It is time that Zimbabweans stood up in defiance to oppressive authority by the 91 year old , despot, Robert Mugabe and force his exit from power.

Lest we forget, Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime in their 31st July 2013 ‘NIKUV’  campaign manifesto, promised the people of Zimbabwe, more precisely the gullible Zanu PF upporters that the regime would create 2million jobs. So far what we have seen without doubt, is no job creation but rather the collapse of 2million jobs in Zimbabwe.

One can safely argue that the 2million jobs by Mugabe’s Zanu PF promise was most likely a misprint, because they meant, the collapse of 2million jobs  and no one in their right mind can argue because they are doing a great job of it!

Zimbabwe is obviously now on the verge of major life changing developments, if the people can awaken to the reality unfolding right before their eyes,….Now we wait!    by Sibusiso Ngwenya. see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com

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