“Mr President The People Are Suffering, Proverbs 21:13” -Pastor Patrick Mugadza

The arrest of Pastor Patrick Mugadza,after he demonstrated in Victoria Falls during Zanu PF conference telling President Robert Mugabe that people are suffering has been condemned as violation of freedom of expression.

Simbarashe Manhanga said Patrick Mugadza, 45, travelled all the way from Kariba to Victoria Falls on Friday to stage a demonstration against the Zanu PF leadership.

“He carried a placard written “Mr President the people are suffering, Proverbs 21:13” as he moved around the streets of Victoria Falls,” he said.

“He is a pastor from a church in Kariba. He is one of those Real Zimbabweans we have who live among us and for that carrying out that plea, they want to jail him. Some like Dzamara also just disappeared.”

He said Proverbs 21:13 says Who so stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

“How can you arrest someone for pointing that out. Freedom? What freedom?” he said.by Stephen Jakes
Source: Byo24News

“Mr President The People Are Suffering, Proverbs 21:13.”


A brave  Pentecostal church pastor from Remnant Church,  Patrick Mugadza, aged 45  staged a one man protest at the recently ended  Zanu-PF  conference in Victoria Falls,having  travelled all the way from Kariba to Victoria Falls.

Mugadza’s  solo demonstration against the ruling Zanu PF regime, saw him parade a  placard with a message that read: “Mr President the people are suffering, Proverbs 21:13.”Source: chronicle.

This did not go down well with the partisan Zimbabwe Republic Police Force, who immediately swooped on the lonely protester and placed him under arrest for being a ‘criminal nuisance’

Mugadza , on Tuesday was not asked to plead in court, but placed on a US$500 bail by the  Victoria Falls resident magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa and placed on  remand until 5th Janaury 2016.

Mugadza’s bravery, a lone voice for all the people of Zimbabwe suffering under the oppressive evil Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime, is similar to the missing journalist cum activist ‘Itai Dzamara ‘ who dissappeared as a result of his defiant stance. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

653 337 Bulawayo Residents ,2012 Census Vs 600 000 Alleged Religious Event Attendeees

Hosted for you all, by a local Pprophet?…Interesting! If Zimbabweans continue to be that gullible, brainwashed and buy ‘hook line and sinker’ into such hogwash Zanu PF NIKUV victory style accounting on attendance records at events, force fed down their throats , by state propaganda and apologist religious supporters, can we realistically ever contest the constituency figures in a nationwide ballot when ever Mugabe and his Zanu PF win?…You do the maths!.

Pope Francis Preaches Reconciliation And Peace In Uganda Mass

Pope Francis in a procession with other clergy after leading a holy mass in the Namugongo area of Kampala.

Photo Pope Francis in a procession with other clergy after leading a holy mass in the Namugongo area of Kampala. Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP-source-theguardian

Harvest House International Church Gweru Branch Pastor Hangs Himself In Church


A 44-year-old pastor, Tani Tuturu of Harvest House International Church Gweru Branch has committed suicide by hanging himself in church.

Tuturu was found hanging from the roof trusses of his church by a member of the Church at around 1600 hrs on Monday.

His body has since been taken to his rural home in Hwange for burial on Wednesday.

A church service is to be held in Bulawayo by the church’s founder, Bishop Collin Myathi.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko said investigations are underway. source-byo24

Breaking news-717 Muslims Killed, 863 Injured In Saudi, Hajj Stampede



In what is viewed as the worst incident at the Hajj religious ceremony in Mina , Saudi, since 1990, tragedy has, again, sadly befallen the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina in Saudi.

717 Muslims died and at least 863 were  injured, in a street where that is named Street 204 after a stampede occured on Thursday morning.

The stampede occured on the outskirts of the holy city of Mecca and the toll will likely rise according to reports from Arabia’s civil defence directorate.

The Injured Muslims, were moved to a total of four hospitals which are located in the Minna region

Annually, pilgrims throng into Mina to hold a ceremony that symbolises  the stoning of the devil , where they throw pebbles against three stone walls.

Because, the stampede did not happen at the site of the three stone walls, where the ‘stoning of the devil’ ritual occurs, pilgrims continued to throng  into Mina for the symbolic stoning of the devil today, as the stampede was happening and afterwards. see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Photo-AFP, A total of four thousand rescue workers, have been deployed to help victims of the Hajj stampede’

‘Most New churches After Money, Manipulate Bible & Hoodwink Followers’-Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday took a veiled dig at Zimbabwe’s new crop of “prophetic” churches, saying most of them are not genuine and are using the Bible to make money.

Addressing government officials and legislators during a luncheon hosted by the Local Government ministry to mark the official opening of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament, Mugabe said most of the new churches were after money and manipulating the Bible to hoodwink followers.

“Some of these churches are using the Bible to generate cash, anyone who has no job, they are now just starting a church. They will say I read here in the Bible and it says I should start a church. They just use one verse in the Bible and they use it, use it like nothing.”

Source – newsday

– See more at: http://www.newzimbabwevision

Zimbabwe Consulate In South Africa Names 4 Accident Deceased Zaoga Band Members

accident2 (1)

THE Zimbabwe Consulate in South Africa has released the names of Zaoga band members based in South Africa who were killed in a road accident in Pretoria on Thursday morning.

Moments of Praise band members, not More Praise band as earlier reported, died near the Nellmapius off-ramp in Irene when their vehicle collided with a speeding car, a year after they rose to fame with their song Zaoga Yafamba.

It emerged yesterday that four were band members while the fifth victim was their friend who attended AFM church in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwe’s Consul General to South Africa Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro identified the victims as Isiah Ringisai, 33, (Nyanga), Naison Sithole, 24, (Chipinge), Mark Abiding Zhakata, 24, (Harare), Tawanda Makwavarara, 24 (Murehwa) and Praise Gombakomba (Buhera), whose age was not given.
He said Makwavarara was a member of the AFM church in Johannesburg while the rest were members of the praise and worship band Moments of Praise who attended Zaoga Church in the same city.

Mukonoweshuro said the Road Accident Fund would facilitate their repatriation today and the victims’ respective churches were assisting.

“This has been a terrible period for our nationals travelling on South African roads. The tragedy is more depressing and saddening coming soon after another nine lives were lost in a similar manner in Mokopane” said Mukonoweshuro.

“These young singers had a real promising future and it was unfortunate for them to perish at such a tender age. Our thoughts and prayers go to their families, relatives and all those who knew them”.

He said a memorial service was expected to be held for the five at AFM Germiston and the mayor of Pretoria Kgosietso Ramakgopa had been invited. source-chronicle

Victoria Falls Municipality CraftsNew Law, Banning And Criminalising Open Air Worship


THE Victoria Falls Municipality which, a few months ago, announced plans to ban open space churches says it is crafting a by-law that would empower it to arrest those who disobey the order.

A number of churches have sprouted along the highway on the buffer zone, which is reserved as an animal corridor forcing the council to take the bold step, which these church organisations have been ignoring.

The council feels the proliferation of open space worshipers would have a negative bearing on tourism as they are now a common feature along major roads in the resort town.

Town Clerk Christopher Dube announced at last week’s full council meeting that members of open space churches will be arrested if they defied a council order for them to move.

“We have a challenge with open air churches and they are defiling the environment by cutting down trees,” said Dube.

“Since you are aware that we have engaged these churches, we are now going to put sign posts stating that open space churches are illegal on those sites and we have briefed the police about the issue because we can’t allow people to defile the environment.

“If they refuse they are going to be arrested because we have come up with a by-law which we are finalising and will empower us to deal with them.

However, the development is likely to spark war between the local authority and open space worshipers, particularly the apostolic sects and the Zionist churches.

The Town Clerk has recently said the local authority was not against people worshipping, but condemned the defiling of the environment.

Victoria Falls Town falls is situated within the Zambezi National Park and human made activities should be controlled according to conservation laws.

A few years ago, the Bulawayo City Council clashed with worshipers when the local authority resolved to ban them from worshiping under trees.

The idea was dropped after a stiff resistance from the churches.source-newzimbabwe


EFF Reportedly Burn ‘Snake Pastor, Penuel Mnguni’ End Times Disciples Ministries Pretoria Church’

There was reportedly pandemonium and Chaos when the infamous End Times Disciples Ministries church in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, on Sunday was destroyed by members of the Julius Malema led the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) using fire.

The EFF brigade had vowed to make the church’s pastor, Penuel Mnguni, eat rodents and snakes like he did to his congregation,ANN7 reported.

Snake pastor tent on fire, the EFF members say the pastor will not be allowed to erect a church again .

Mnguni’s church made headlines in July after pictures went viral showing him feeding a live snake to his congregation. He was arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

But, according to the reports the pastor was not there for Sunday’s service. However, Mnguni’s absence did not stop the EFF from wreaking havoc on the premises.

While the other pastor, who apparently commanded members to eat leaves just as the EFF arrived, the EFF started wrecking havoc – tearing down the churches tent before setting it alight and forced the congregation to disperse.

Despite the disruptions, the congregation vowed to continue with the service.

Police were monitoring the situation from a few hundred metres away. -Source: ANN7

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