Zimbabwe’s Defacto President ‘Grace Mugabe’ Eyeing Life Beyond Mugabe

 Grace Mugabe, arguably now the Defacto president of Zimbabwe continues to flex muscle in a bid to prop up her aged husband  despot President Robert Mugabe in public.
She is now regularly seen holding the 91year old’s hand to steady him in public. Mugabe is obviously not the agile young man he once was decades ago, if not nigh to a century . acse proven by his memory lapse episodes in speech giving where he can either jumble up his speech or give an old outdated speech that has been used before in parliarment.
Grace Mugabe is fully aware that if Mugabe is forced out of office on health grounds, if the wrong Zanu PF faction or opposition rallies to power , there is areal and pending reality of her husband being extradited to the Hague to face trial for crimes against humanity he committed over the past 35 years in Zimbabwe.
She is also aware that all the wealth she has amassed, in corrupt multimillion dollar scandals  as part of the Gushungo holdings and family, will be demanded back by the people of Zimbabwe so she, in a well calculated move, will always fight to align the faction in support of her husband to supercede the dictator and protect his empire even when he is dead.
The annual Zanu PF December Congress  in 2015 will deliver some interesting outcomes as Generation 40 (G40),  which is identified as being led by the first lady, Grace Mugabe’ are pushing Grace towards the presidency of Zimbabwe in sucession to Mugabe as away of crushing VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rise to the highest office in Zimbabwe, that of President of Zimbabwe.
The damaging Zanu PF factionalism has created dangerous centres of power that are gearing up to fill in the real and pending power vacuum that the despot leader’s exit will create, hence Grace Mugabe’s attempt to fill in Mugabe’s boots and become the control centre in Zanu PF .
She naively believes she is in power but fails to read into the game , that all she did for the country is a successful secretarial carpet interview with Mugabe at State house which launched her to the priviledged position of First Lady in Zimbabwe, but fails to realise that she is an irrelevant figure without the aged despot’ s muscle behind her.
This brazen foolishness, is how she destroyed the country’s  Former vice president Joice Mujuru , leaving Zimbabwe’s leadership in crisis, all stemming from the Gushungo’s monopoly on wealth and power, with no care about the consequences or impact on the suffering Zimbabweans.
It is also a well known fact that because of her age she is enjoying the wealth and power and probably the chief reason for Mugabe’s failure to exit the power stage, forcing a whole nation down on its knees because of her greed.
The fired Zanu PF war veteran’s leader, Jabulani Sibanda, stands vindicated over  his ” statehouse bedroom coup” allegation, when we realise that at the recent Zanu PF rally addressed  in Rushinga, by Grace Mugabe the country’s Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko , ministers , Zanu PF politrical commissar Savior Kasukuwere, Higher education Minister Jonathan Moyo ,Mugabe’s cousin the Home Affairs minister  Ignatius Chombo, Energy Minister  Samuel Undenge and Martin Dinha , along with a  total of almost  40 MPs including the dismissed Zanu PF minister Nicholas Goche and as usual , bus and truck loads of  Zanu PF Supporters.
This is a rally in which the first lady made her biggest show of force, based on the political heavyweights in tow and the fact that she arrived for the rally in a two military helicopter convoy, whilst the Vice President Phelekezela Moyo arrived by road.
This proves beyond doubt that Mugabe is behind his wife’s bid for presidency as he is obviously doing everything in his power to elevate her and the First lady, now ‘defacto President of Zimbabwe’ is already eyeing life beyond her  despot, aged husband.
photo-Grace Mugabe Byo24
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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