‘Chitungwiza Mayor, Philip Mutoti, (45 ) Allegedly ‘HIV+ve, Bedding 15 women & Embroilled In Nasty Divorce’


Chitungwiza mayor, Philip Mutoti, 45, is embroiled in a nasty divorce with his wife amid revelations that he was bedding at least 15 women and paying for the services.

The town father allegedly pays US$100 per night for the services of the women, Alice Kuvheya, 31, revealed. Mutoti was also accused of using sex enhancing pills in the shenanigans.

Alice reported cases of rape and domestic violence at St Mary’s Police Station against Mutoti. She claims that she was infected with a deadly virus by the mayor when she was restored two years ago.

There were ugly scenes yesterday at Mutoti’s residence with the police and the mayor’s wife being locked out-as they moved in to arrest him and collect her belongings at their St Mary’s home.

Mutoti hit the headlines for snatching a married woman last month and subsequent wreckage of the marriage.

“I am tired of him; after he infected me anga ava kundiudza kuti ndiri kumusemesa. He can have up to 15 girlfriends and gives them US$100 as payment.

“In order to manage the whole night engaging in sex, he buys the Blue Diamond Pill,” she said.

He raped me in 2013 which is when he infected me and as soon as I fell sick akanditi kana usiri kunwa mapiritsi, watoparara.

“He brings his girlfriends home including the one who was published to be having an affair with him,”Alice said.

Alice indicated that Philip had a violent behavior.

“Philip is of a violent nature, he can send bouncers to beat up someone if they do not get along,” she said.

She said after H Metro published Philip’s illicit affair, he started sleeping in a separate spare bedroom.

“My life became horrible after you exposed his illicit affair, his sister would tell me that I would eat when the dog had had its own fair share of food.

“With this ill-treatment came death threats that led to me leaving the house and going to live at the Musasa Project house.

“I don’t even have any clothes,” Alice said.

Alice opened up on how she was denied her property by the mayor.

“As it is, he holds on to his late wife’s property which makes me wonder if he’ll let go of mine,”she said.

On Thursday Alice lodged a complaint that saw two dockets being opened against Philip and he is being charged with rape and domestic violence.

Philip’s sister, Eva Mutoti, 38, continuously chased away H Metro saying her brother had already had his reputation torn apart when his illicit affair was exposed.

“H Metro munoshaya basa rekuita, ndimi makapinza hanzvadzi yangu basa here, inga makamunyora wani, tibvirei pano, anosvika pagate pano ndinomurova,” said a furious Eva.

According to Alice, when the police called Philip, he led to them saying he was in Kadoma but when the police visited his house, he had locked himself in and would not cooperate with them.

However, before the police visited Philip, H Metro had seen him entering his residence.

As Alice was waiting for her papers to be sorted out at the police station, she passed out and was rushed to Chitungwiza Central hospital.
Philip could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print and his phone went unanswered.

Police said Phillip Mutoti handed himself to them before being arrested. by Chiyedza Matenga and Mercyline Hunye.  Source: H Metro


Serena Williams, (33), Oldest female winner Of Major, Wins 6th Wimbledon Title &Holds All 4 Grand Slams

Serena Williams (33)  now holds every major title at the same time  after successfully finishing her  second ‘Serena Slam’ of, arguably an admirable and most  extraordinary tennis sport career  after the American, sports star , beat Garbine Muguruza, the No  20 seed from Spain, 6-4,  winning  her 21st Grand Slam singles title.

Serena Williams at 33  is now the  oldest female Slam winner in the Open era and holds all four tennis  titles, namely the US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon singles titles at the same time, a feat she previously achieved in 2003, and certainly one that wont be so easy for contenders to upset soon by Sibusiso Ngwenya.

photo-telegraph.uk- Serena Williams beats Garbine Muguruza in Wimbledon 2015 final to claim ‘Serena Slam’ to hold all four grand slams

Bulawayo Council US$8 7Million Tender Irregularities, Revaluations, Extensions, Retenders, & Raised Contract Price.

si_bulawayo_sign (1)

PROCUREMENT contracts with a combined value of about $8,7 million were re-tendered or extended after winning companies either disappeared or failed to complete works, a massive tender scandal that has been unearthed at Bulawayo City Council shows.

Investigations also reveal that defaulting companies were working in cahoots with senior council officials who play both tender adjudication and supervisory roles, creating fertile ground for collusion and manipulation in the bidding process.

According to documents at hand, tenders worth US$8 749 914,52 had serious irregularities and had to be either extended or re-tendered altogether, resulting in them exceeding the contract price.

The latest exposés come after it emerged that the local authority recently awarded a tender for the rehabilitation of filter beds and clarifiers to Tzircalle Brothers despite the same tender having been initially awarded to Consolidated Engineers and Merchants (CEM), a company which failed to complete the job after “disappearing” from site.

Although CEM won the job for a total cost of $4,5 million, the same works are now being projected to cost not more than $2,5 million.

“CEM were paid this money but did little or mediocre work necessitating the council to re-tender the works four years later in order to ensure clean and pure water is supplied to Bulawayo. The net effect of this mediocre job is that for the last five years Bulawayo water remained brownish despite the investment by BOWSER (Bulawayo Water and Sanitation Emergency Response project).

“The tender has been won this year by Tzircalle Brothers who have offered to re-do the works for only $100 000 (labour), council will provide materials at a cost no more than $300 000. This is a third of the price of CEM four years ago. The issue is said to be parked at council’s legal section with little urgency in recovering these public funds as CEM vanished,” reads a confidential council document leaked to Sunday News.

According to council sources, CEM won the $4,5 million tender funded by the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) for the rehabilitation of the systems at Ncema Waterworks Plant in 2011.

The company, however, failed to complete the project and BCC entered into a partnership with Australian Agency for International Development (Ausaid) and World Vision Australia (WVA) to rehabilitate the same water reticulation system under the Bowser programme.

“The company closed and failed to complete most of the projects which it was supposed to do. We understand the company belongs to a Mr Simon Ngwenya who is based in South Africa.

“Ironically, at the moment a new company Tzircalle Brothers, is doing the same project which is now being bankrolled by the city council to the tune of $2 500 000 in total. The council is also reportedly considering re-tendering some of the projects which CEM failed to complete,” said the source.

In one of the disputed tenders at Criterion Waterworks, the local authority initially awarded a tender for the rehabilitation of plant two to Hydroprojects (tender number C32/2010) but the contractor had only done the eastern side of the plant and failed to complete the western side, under unclear circumstances.

Other tenders which had gross irregularities include the servicing of 391 medium-density stands at Emhlangeni, servicing of 303 medium-density stands in Mahatshula North, 700 high-density stands in Pumula South Phase 3, the rehabilitation of dilapidated major collector roads in high-density suburbs, the development of 52 town houses in Selborne Brooke, the replacement of electro-mechanical equipment and the purchase of road construction equipment.

One of the irregular tenders, the servicing of 700 high-density stands in Pumula South Phase 3, almost claimed the scalp of a council engineer who refused to write a report to the State Procurement Board in support of time extension for the project.

“Unfortunately, due to his belief in ethics and principle this engineer was charged and victimised for refusing to write a report to the State Procurement Board supporting the contractor’s application for time extension,” a well-placed council source revealed.

Contacted for comment, BCC senior public relations officer, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, confirmed the failure by some contractors to complete their jobs but claimed that the decision to re-tender the contracts was above board.

“Tender number C32/2010 was for the rehabilitation of Criterion Wate Works for Plant Two. The contractor had been awarded the tender for plant two for which they only managed to do the eastern side of the plant and not the western side.

“At Ncema Water Works — the rehabilitation of filters and clarifiers were not completed under the Bulawayo Water and Sanitation Emergency Response project (Bowser) project by the contractor CEM (Civil Engineers and Merchants), due to the incomplete works the contract was cancelled. The new tender awarded to Tzircalle is for the completion of outstanding works at Ncema,” said Mrs Mpofu.

State Procurement Board chairperson Mr Charles Kuwaza said councils were fully aware of how they should handle tenders and if there were any flaws in the process they could face prosecution.

“We sent circulars to the local authorities specifying on how these tenders should be handled. I should therefore warn them that if there is any irregularity they risk prosecution,” said Mr Kuwaza.

Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Saviour Kasukuwere also weighed in on the matter, saying one of his first assignments in the ministry would be to weed out corruption especially with regards to the handling of tenders.

“I know that most of these councils are being run corruptly. There is a lot of underhand dealings taking place. Well, they must be warned that they should immediately put their house in order because this is one of my first assignments in the ministry, that is weeding out any corrupt elements,” said Minister Kasukuwere.

Councillors who spoke on condition of anonymity said all the chaos was being caused by the fact that the councillors were now powerless in the handling of tenders after Government transferred this responsibility to the State Procurement Board, with smaller tenders now being handled by a special committee made up of council employees.
“This is something which has been happening for a number of years, actually ever since councillors were stripped of powers to handle tenders. We have tried on a number of occasions to question the process but most of the time they confuse us with the technical jargon,” said one councillor.
In 2012 Government barred all local authorities from handling tenders after a number of scandals that caught the councils offside, with council officials and councillors implicated in gross underhand dealings to influence the outcome of bids.

The directive saw the disbandment of municipal procurement boards and the formation of procurement committees mainly made up of council officials and led by the town clerks or chief executive officers to manage smaller procurements. by Vusumuzi Dube and Lungile TshumaSource: sundaynews


Itai Dzamara Honoured As A ‘Hero’ By Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe organisation 27 January 2015

10945701_705783009538101_2869552490456242033_n (1)

I have been honoured as one of the seven Zimbabweans who are ‘heroes’ or have been that, by the Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe organisation, at its inaugural award ceremony in Harare today.
I contemplated declining this award when they informed us, because, the purpose for which I have been recognised is far from being accomplished – in fact, we have a lot of work to do.
That is the fight for a new Zimbabwe.
Eventually, and therefore, in accepting this honour, I dedicate it to every Zimbabwean, wherever they are across the world, who is standing up for a new Zimbabwe, in all and the various forms.
Two colleagues, Dirk Frey and Charles Nyoni, members of the Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS), were also honoured and presented with awards, but, honestly, all OAUS members have been brave and gallant heroes – the awards belong to them as well.
The same applies to many Zimbabweans, in London, South Africa, USA, Canada and elsewhere, who have become my comrades and partners by standing up to believe and participate in the OAUS’ struggle for a new and better Zimbabwe.
OAUS is a partner in the community of players that are committed to fighting for a new Zimbabwe, all over Zimbabwe and beyond. They also deserve the honour and I share the award with them.
In conclusion, we should see a new Zimbabwe, for which heroes will be all those who would have stood firm and contributed in every manner, to the people’s struggle.
That we shall achieve.
Let’s go! by Itai Dzamara 27 january 2015

Jabulani Sibanda Attacks Western Diplomats For failing To Condemn Gukurahundi

IMG-20150711-WA0020 (1)

OUTSPOKEN former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has attacked western diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe for failing to condemn the early 1980s mass slaughter of civilians in the country’s western provinces by President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

Sibanda was among former Zanu PF politicians now belonging to People First who were invited to Saturday’s prayer rally called for abducted journalist turned anti-Mugabe campaigner Itai Dzamara at Zimbabwe Grounds.

His comments followed an equally strong condemnation issued but the visually impaired by prominent clergy Bishop Ancelimo Magaya on African diplomats who have failed to condemn Dzamara’s abduction.

“I want to respond to where the Bishop said that the British and American embassies are the only ones issuing statements against the abduction of Dzamara,” Sibanda said in Shona.

“I personally am not convinced by the same embassies. Yes they speak over an important matter where someone has been abducted but in Matebeleland, there are more than 50,000 who died with America, Britain and Europe being quiet.

“The same Britain and America yakaenda kunotora harahwa, munoiziva harahwa inonzi Pol Pot kuCambodia to answer to his crimes of killing his people in court but everyone is quiet about people who died in Matebeleland.

“Maybe the Bishop was not yet a Bishop then, but now there is a Bishop, I am sure they are going to help us find out, even relocating our people’s graves so that we give them a decent burial.”

Independent estimates say up to 20,000 predominantly Ndebele civilians were killed under a military operation sanctioned by then Prime Minister Mugabe to hunt down armed insurgents who were sympathetic to former Vice President Joshua Nkomo.

Dzamara, a journalist turned firebrand pro-good governance activist, was abducted by suspected state agents four months ago and nothing has since been heard of him.

The embassies of Australia, America, Sweden, Britain and the EU have led calls for the release of Dzamara.

The EU, which is in the process of relaxing its sanctions on President Mugabe’s regime, has said the unresolved issue of Dzamara’s disappearance was unnecessarily straining its relations with Zimbabwe. source-newzimbabwe

Bring Back Itai Dzamara!!


Wife (21) Discovers Binga Hubby (42) Is HIV (+ve) Days After Marriage : Man Jailed 5Years


A 42 year old Binga man kept his HIV status a secret to his wife who later discovered after she stumbled upon his medication at their matrimonial home a few days after their wedding.

They only got married in June.

The man who was not identified by B-Metro had unprotected sex with the lover after telling her that contraceptives have a bad smell.

The woman aged 21 reported the matter to the police leading to her hubby’s arrest.

She tested HIV negative but the doctor did not rule out that she could have got the virus.

She was advised to test again after three months.

The husband was slapped with a five year jail term.
Source: B-Metro

Makoni , Tsvangirai , Mutasa, Ngarivhume ,Dabengwa &Biti On Dzamara ‘Abduction’

Itai-Dzamara (1)

Morgan Tsvangirai the MDC-T leader and other political parties, the church and thousands of Zimbabweans converged to pray for Itai Dzamara at Zimbabwe grounds who was abducted on 9 March 2015 by state security agents.

Speaking at the prayer meeting, Tsvangirai said Dzamara has brought Zimbabweans together regardless of their political diversity. “What I see here is national convergence in our diversity, we are all saying Mugabe and his government are responsible. By the same spirit it means we can work together to rescue our nation from this messy.”

“I never thought that I will share the same platform with Jabulani Sibanda, but here we are, together, speaking the same language of change. ”

Leaders of other political parties who spoke at the prayer meeting said the government was culpable before publicly signing a declaration demanding the safe return of Dzamara.

Among the leaders who joined President Tsvangirai in speaking against the abduction  were former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda,  Zapu  Vice President, Ms Emilia Mukaratirwa, former Hurungwe West MP, Temba Mliswa,  Transform Zimbabwe President, Jacob Ngarivhume and civic society leaders.

Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) President, Dr Simba Makoni read the joint statement signed by leaders of six political parties which included Dr Makoni himself, President Tsvangirai MDC-T, Dydimus Mutasa of People First, Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe, Dumiso Dabengwa of Zapu and Tendai Biti the Secretary General  of MDC Renewal.

In the statement, the leaders said the State was liable for the disappearance of Dzamara and urged the government to comply with the High Court order to periodically update the nation on its efforts.

Tsvangirai’s wife later handed over groceries and cash donated by Zimbabweans to the Dzamara family.Source: Byo24News

Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) President, Dr Simba Makoni 6 Opposition Leaders Sign which included Dr Makoni himself, Tsvangirai MDC-T, Dydimus Mutasa, Jacob Ngarivhume of , Dumiso Dabengwa &Tendai Biti

MDC UK and Ireland Solidarity Message With Dzamara Family – No Longer Business As Usual


Today as Zimbabweans were holding a prayer in solidarity with the Dzamara Family over the disappearance of their son, Itai, we remember this as the third major human rights violation by the Zanu (PF) government – the others being Gukurahundi, when 20 000 villagers were killed, and Murambatsvina, when houses of urban poor were destroyed.

In between there were murders of opposition activists, election rigging, and illegal detentions of opposition suspects.

Itai Dzamara’s disappearance was perpetrated by the state using faceless or disguised people, driving vehicles with no registration plates – a trade-mark of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) state agents.

The MDC-UK and Ireland hereby expresses solidarity with the Dzamara Family which is missing its bread-winner.

We say it is about time that the Zimbabwe Government is held to account for this impunity which has gone on for far too long. As a party we are increasingly being pushed against the wall by a government that does not believe in democratic rule of law.

We try to vote them out of power, and they manipulate the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission; we take them to court, and they manipulate the courts; we try to demonstrate, and they arrest and torture our members; so we are now calling on all Zimbabweans  to recognise that it is no longer business as usual.

We now need to confront this regime head-on and tell them that they cannot just make people disappear. Itai Dzamara was exposing the failure of this government to solve the problems that it created for the people by its misguided policies.

But the government has made Dzamara disappear, leaving his young family without its head and without food.  We condemn this in the strongest possible terms and call on international governments to shine a spotlight on Zimbabwe now rather than wait for it to become a failed state.

Our peaceful protests are being met with violence and the government is not being held to account. We call upon the UN Human Rights Commissioner to investigate Dzamara’s disappearance and we call upon the peace loving governments of the world, not least the United Kingdom, the US and the European Union, to help  the people of Zimbabwe by taking control of this rogue government through international mechanisms.
And we call on our members to recommit to the struggle which needs them now more than ever, as the regime is becoming desperate and attacking our members at home, but it is also weakened and showing signs of self-destruction.

It is now time to push it over the cliff and save our motherland.

Source:by Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman for MDC the UK and Ireland

Zanu-PF To Strip Kudakwashe Bhasikiti Of Party Assets & Zanu PF Vehicle

Bhasikiti-Kudakwashe (1)

Expelled former Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Kudakwashe Bhasikiti is set to lose his assets including a party issued vehicle and farm after a resolution taken by the Zanu-PF Masvingo province leadership.Masvingo provincial acting chairman, Paradzai Chakona said plans were at an advanced stage to strip Bhasikiti of benefits and properties that he is not entitled to.Chakona said they intend to repossess a vehicle the former Politburo member received to campaign ahead of the 2013 general elections.

He also said the former Mwenezi East National Assembly member’s 400 hectare farm in Mwenezi would be subdivided to allocate to some landless people.
Source: chronicle

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