‘To Zanu PF, May you never find peace’ Amos Midzi’s daughter on her dad’s death


FORMER cabinet minister and Zanu-PF provincial chairman Amos Midzi’s daughter took to social networking sites, spitting venom against the ruling party and the media for haunting her father into committing suicide.

Vimbai Beverley Midzi, a media studies graduate who had an altercation with journalists at her father’s funeral is, according to insiders, alleged to have also temporarily stopped Zanu-PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere from paying his last respects at the family home in Mt Pleasant.

And on Friday the former Zimbabwean envoy to the United States’s daughter came out guns blazing.

“To Zanu-PF I have many words most of which I will not write now. May you never find peace and may those that publicly shamed my father also be shamed publicly.

“I will never stop speaking about your wickedness,” she said in the angry post on her Facebook wall.

She also had pointed opinions on journalists and, in particular, state broadcaster ZBC’s chief correspondent Reuben Barwe.

“To the media and to those who purport to be journalists, stop calling; a lot of you have been insensitive, ruthless, unkind and absolutely unethical. Reuben Barwe I mean you and your news team.

“Members of The Daily News, The Herald and Newsday as well. You have made me reconsider my professional trajectory altogether and may your papers’ sales continue to plummet,” she said.

Vimbai described her father as a compassionate man.

“My father was a loving, considerate, compassionate, selfless and driven man. He was absolutely everything to me. He lived 63 years of truth love and light.

“I do not know how to pick up the pieces of my heart that are broken but I suppose I will take it one day at a time,” she added thanking her friends and colleagues for their support during a very trying time.

“Thank you everyone who has sent messages, called, in-boxed, tweeted and come to the house and burial. You are all gems and I cannot begin to describe how much it meant to have your support. Rest in peace daddy….”.

Midzi was found dead in his car at his farm two weeks ago after apparently committing suicide in the aftermath of a political fall-out within Zanu-PF that saw him lose his position in the party and suspended for two years.

He was part of a faction within Zanu-PF accused of plotting to take out President Robert Mugabe to replace him with his then deputy Joice Mujuru ahead of the party’s congress last December.

Over 80 senior ruling party officials have fallen foul of a brutal purge that followed the revelations through suspensions and outright expulsions. Source: newzimbabwe

photo-Amos Midzi (centre) talks to Grace Mugabe (right) and Oppah Muchinguri

‘Harare’s S.Machel Avenue & Bulawayo J. Nkomo/Airport Road tollgate plans’.

Government has begun identifying roads for urban tollgates, and the first targets are Harare’s Samora Machel Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo/Airport Road.

Though the exact location of the tollgates is yet to be determined, it is understood these two were picked as they are trunk roads linking central Harare and other cities and towns.

Information gathered by The Sunday Mail last week indicates the Harare tollgates will open before 2015 ends, and then more will be commissioned in other urban centres.

The Transport and Infrastructure Development Ministry and local authorities are working out appropriate sites. They will also determine how the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration and local authorities will share revenue.

There are indications that light vehicles will be tolled either USc50 or US$1 to pass through the gates, with the fee charged via electronic tolling or a prepaid system.

Under e-tolling, a tag fitted to a vehicle’s front windscreen will transmit a signal to a computer network at the toll gantry, automatically charging the appropriate toll fee to one’s account.

The prepaid system requires motorists to pay toll fees in advance and the system was rolled out for highways last week.

Zinara board chair Mr Albert Mugabe said: “Construction will start as soon as consultations end; we are ready as everything is in place. So far, Airport Road and Samora Machel Avenue have been proposed as they are trunk roads.

“The toll fees may not necessarily be the US$2 charged for small vehicles on highways. It could be as low as R5 but these are issues that are being discussed in the consultation meetings.

“We are looking at an automated system and the prepaid tolling card launched recently can be extended to urban tollgates to ease payment.”

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Obert Mpofu said most urban councils supported the initiative, and implementation would be expedited despite criticism from motorists.

“We are speeding up the process; we want to apply these as soon as possible. As Government, we have agreed on having 30 tollgates countrywide by the end of 2015 and some of them can as well be in towns.

“Strategic points within urban areas where we can place these tollgates should be identified. It’s a question of technical and scientific identification and discussing with the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.”

Dr Mpofu added: “The preferred system in urban centres is e-tolling, but it is up to those seized with consultations to decide on what type of tolling will be used. Where there is a vehicle, especially the magnitude of vehicles that we see in town (Harare), they require some form of levy to allow motorists to contribute towards their driving comfort.

“We have had a lot of critics who are, in this case, a minority but the majority want us to start this process. My colleagues, especially in the Ministry of Local Government, are very supportive. The mayors of Bulawayo and Harare and town clerks of other urban areas are very supportive. So, we are going to do it.”

Zimbabwe introduced toll gates in August 2009 to raise highway maintenance funds and more than US$370 million has been collected since.

Of this, US$29 million has been disbursed to local authorities for road repairs and construction in their jurisdictions.

In 2013, Government resolved to expand the initiative to urban centres to help decongest and rid them of unroadworthy vehicles, reduce carbon emissions and finance infrastructure development. Source: sundaymail

Four Bulawayo suspects appear in court over R24m gold and copper heist


FOUR people were arrested in Bulawayo last month, in connection with a R24 million gold and copper heist which made headlines in South Africa after police from that country seized a vehicle containing the minerals, while the suspects got away.The four suspects, who all reside in Bulawayo, are Tinashe Mpofu (28), Zimiseleni Masibi (47), Mduduzi Ndlovu (28) and Gloria Nhema (32).Mpofu is facing multiple charges for contravening various sections of the law.

He was initially arrested by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department (Minerals Unit) leading to the arrest of the other three.

Mpofu and Ndlovu are reported to have been the occupants of the abandoned vehicle containing the gold and copper in South Africa. They were arrested on 21 May, leading to the apprehension of the other two, Masibi and Nhema.

According to court records, Ndlovu and Mpofu are reported to have been transporting the gold and copper to an unnamed destination in South Africa before police intercepted the vehicle.

The four briefly appeared in court on 23 May this year facing charges of contravening section 182 of the Customs and Excise Act, Chapter 23:02, 13:19 — smuggling.

Both Ndlovu and Mpofu are unemployed.

According to court documents, on 11 May this year, Ndlovu and Mpofu concealed 52 kilogrammes of gold and 279 kilogrammes of copper in bogus compartments they created in the vehicle they were using, a Toyota Quantum – registration number CT 37 BZ GP – to smuggle the gold and copper.

The pair evaded arrest in South Africa, after smuggling the gold and copper.

The pair is reported to have tried to evade a routine search by South African police and South African Revenue Services (Sars), as they sped off on the N1 highway, while the police and Sars gave chase.

Mpofu and Ndlovu are reported to have abandoned the vehicle 70km away from Musina, after their vehicle ran out of fuel.

They are also said to have left their identity particulars in the vehicle, as they made their escape.

The South African police sent their details to Zimbabwean police who then tracked them down.

On 21 May, a team comprising a CID Minerals Unit officer and a constable from ZRP Nkulumane, tracked and arrested Mpofu between 6th Avenue and George Silundika.

He then assisted the detectives with information leading to the arrest of Ndlovu, Masibi and Nhema.

Mpofu is also facing charges of contravening Section 3 (1) (a) of the Gold Trade Act, chapter 21:03 – illegal dealing in gold. He will be charged for the crime together with Masibi.

It is the State’s case that sometime between April and 12 May this year, Mpofu illegally bought the 52 kilogrammes of gold from Masibi.

Mpofu is also facing charges of contravening Section 3 of the Copper Control Act, Chapter 14:06 – prohibition of dealing in copper without a licence.

It was stated by the court that on 9 May this year Mpofu illegally bought copper cables from Nhema.

They were all remanded out of custody on $100 bail each and are assisting police with investigations.

The recovered gold and copper are being processed in South Africa at the Saps Laboratories and the matter is being investigated further by Saps.

The State is making efforts to bring the exhibits to Zimbabwe. by Peter Matika. Source: sundaynews

‘Government could soon outlaw any marriage with under 18s’-Mugabe


Government could soon outlaw any marriage with persons below the age of 18, President Mugabe has said. Mugabe said this in Harare yesterday amid national debate on court precedents allowing children as young as 12 years old to legally consent to sex and even marriage. Addressing child parliamentarians at the official opening of the 23rd Session of the Junior Parliament, which coincided with the Day of the African Child commemorations at Parliament Building, President Mugabe said parents were central to stopping early marriages.

The President said: “Government is considering aligning our laws relating to marriages to forbid the marriage of young people below the age of 18. I don’t know whether we can succeed, (but) I think the family, the parents will succeed much more than the Government by teaching usefulness of education to their children; that after Form Four, do some course. It’s not just going to university which is the possible root to higher development. “At least do some course, teaching course, professional course, agricultural course, health course, etcetera. This alignment (of the law on marriage age) which the Government is willing to do is in sync with our Constitution. We are, therefore, urging chiefs, traditional leaders and other community leaders to sensitise their communities and encourage young people to stay in school.

” The Marriage Act (Chapter 5:07) provides that a girl between the age of 16 and 18 may, with the joint consent of her mother and father, enter a civil marriage. The Act prohibits marriage of girls below the age of 16. However, court rulings have allowed girls as young as 12 to get married, a situation that has triggered widespread opposition and calls for realignment of all necessary legislation to ensure child marriages are stopped. President Mugabe bemoaned the practice of treating young girls as adults. “That’s what they say. Ane mazamu zvino akugona kuchata, aiwa haasati akura. Ehe, and the boys and senior men start engaging with the girls at (that) age.

It is clear that we must do more to ensure that our society allows young women to grow and reach their fullest potential,” he said. “Child marriages cause irreparable damage to the growth of young people while early marriages permanently rob the married youngsters (of) the valuable experience of childhood. “It also denies them their right to personal development which includes education. If you are going to get married at 16, 17, 18 we say you will not have gone to a higher institution. You might have gone to O-Level, but nowadays O-Level is the base, it is the foundation of real education.” Mugabe Source: sundaymail – Source.bulawayo24

MP Jessie Majome asks ‘Is Prosecutor General Tomana a public offender or protector’


Harare West MP Jessie Majome has questioned if the Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was a protector of public offenders following his remarks that the twelve year old girl child should be asked if she is prepared for marriage or not indicating that such a child has a right to choice of life and not imposition of issues.”Public protector or public offender?” ashed Majome.

“If Prosecutor General Tomana said this he must go! It would mean he either hasn’t yet read, or doesn’t understand or respect Section  2 of the Constitution – its supremacy, Chapter 1 – founding values and principles of human rights including children’s rights, Section 81 on the rights of children and their best interests ie under 18s, section 54 on equality & non discrimination.

The net effect of all these provisions is to repeal section 2 of the Children’s Act’s definition of child from under 16s to become all under 18s, and repealing the notion of a ‘young person’ (ie between 16 and 18 who could ‘consent’ to sex) and therefore repeal sec 70 of the Criminal Code ie sex with a young person.”

She said this means everyone who has sex with an under 18 girl is guilty of rape.

“The PG is offside again! Recently he actually did the unthinkable act of filing an application in the Constitutional Court for an order to protect people he would have declined to prosecute, from private prosecution. Whose side is he on?
Not fit for that office if you ask me,” said Majome.

Tomana last week said the 12 year girl child is able to chose what she wants on issue of sex and marriage.  Source: Byo24News

‘Arrest those who marry child brides,’ says Mnangagwa

Mnangawa_1924384c fina

VICE-PRESIDENT and Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has said Government will channel more resources to protect children’s rights.

At commemorations of the Day of the African Child and official opening of the 23rd Session of the Junior Parliament, VP Mnangagwa said Government was committed to educating every child.

“Government will continue to support children to go to school and become educated. An educated person will not give preference to marriage,” he said.

Traditional leaders, he said, should not encourage girls to get married.

“Any cultural beliefs which you have should not encourage these children to go into early marriages for whatever reason, even if it is cultural,” he said.

VP Mnangagwa said children were entitled to protection by the country’s courts.

He said although the Constitution protected children, moderate corporal punishment could be meted out.

“(Our law) outlaws marriage of those who are below the age of 18 years. The statutory laws on marriage should be harmonised with the Constitution, a process which my ministry is doing,” he said.

He said child marriages were impermissible and perpetrators should be reported to the police, because the Marriages Act (Chapter 5:11) “categorically states that ‘no girl under the age of 16 shall be capable of contracting a valid marriage except with the written permission of the minister’, myself”.

The VP added that any consensual sexual intercourse with someone between ages 12 and 16 was statutory rape (having sexual intercourse with a minor).

VP Mnangagwa said about 10 Bills relating to children’s rights were at various stages of drafting. Source: sundaymail

photo-herald– Vice President Cde Mnangagwa

A Harare man, consultant chemical engineer spends US$80 000 transforming into a woman

11015932_10205700804736239_1361199866725024833_n (1)

A  Harare man has spent close to $80 000 transforming himself into a woman – including sex change.

Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe was born in Budiriro.

According to Sunday Mail, Karigambe  has completed formalities with the Registrar-General’s Office and is now  legally a woman .

“I was confirmed a boy at birth, but I just had a male body with a female mind,” said Karigambe

“I usually don’t want to reveal my age – I’m a lady. As ladies we don’t reveal our age. I’m in my late 20s.”

The process of becoming a woman has involved doctors and lawyers.

“I chose to liberate myself from the confines of society. I have spent more than US$80 000 on breast augmentation and vaginoplasty (male to female sex reassignment surgery). I invested in businesses and saved money – family, friends and other silent partners chipped in,”.

“I did not do this for money. Growing up, my mother (availed) everything for us; we went to trips as far as the UK, Italy and the US. I’m a chemical engineer, I do consultancy and I run my own organisation, Tatenda NGO, and my husband is rich. He is a neurosurgeon, he is Scottish.

Karigambe said he/she is a  twin in a family of four.  Source: Sunday Mail

Chiyangwa still in Avenues Clinic after house fire

chiyangwa-in-hospital-after-fire-at-mansion (1)

Tycoon and politician Dr Phillip Chiyangwa, who was injured in an inferno that razed part of his Harare mansion on Friday, says he is recovering well and does not suspect foul play in the incident.

The Sunday Mail visited Dr Chiyangwa at Avenues Clinic yesterday afternoon, and although in pain, his condition was said to be stable and he would be discharged soon.

Appearing to be coping well with the loss, he blamed the fire on an electrical fault exacerbated by the high power voltage at the house.

Public Service, Labour and Social Services Minister Priscilla Mupfumira and Mbare National Assembly representative Mr Tendai Savanhu were among those at the flamboyant businessman’s bedside.

Dr Chiyangwa said he sustained deep cuts to his left leg after he stepped on broken window panes while trying to put out the fire, whose damage is yet to be quantified.

“I am not suspecting any foul play because it was purely an accident. The cause of the fire had to do with some wires that got into contact and there was a big explosion because of the high power in the house.

“After the explosion, the fire spread fast to the furniture and curtains in the (master bedroom). As I tried to put it out and save some documents, thick smoke blinded me, so I ended up stepping on the broken window panes, injuring my leg in the process.”

Relatives took him to Trauma Centre and Hospital and then to Avenues Clinic for treatment.

“When I came here, my leg was sutured; it is healing well. I am still in pain, but not too much, though. I did not lose a lot of blood and the doctor has said I have enough blood to be out of danger.” Source: sundaymail

‘Bona Mugabe admits its not all rosy in marriage’


President Robert Mugabe’s daughter – Bona Mugabe-Chikore has revealed that it is ‘not all rosy’ in her marriage to Simba Chikore.

Bona wedded 2014 and she is still to have a  baby.

She revealed this when offering marriage advice at recent wedding at FBC Sports Club in Harare.

“Marriage is a wonderful thing. Before you get married, people will say ‘ It’s tough in marriage but you have to be brave.

“When we got married, we only got to realise that when you love each other, you will enjoy each and every single day,” she said to the newlyweds.

According to Sunday Mail, her hubby Simba said the first two years of marriage are the most difficult. It’s the time when you will be learning each other.

“My wife and l once spent about half-a-day without speaking to each other because we were fed up with each other.” Source: Sunday Mail

photo-Bona Mugabe and Husband Simba Makore-Wedding

Zhombe Man axes neighbour, slices body and sets his dogs to feast on corpse


A 25-year-old man from Zhombe – Shingirirai Makonza brutally murdered his neighbour by striking him with an axe and slicing him with a machete before setting his dogs to feast on his butchered remains.

That was sparked by a grudge over a woman and happened last week.

Makonza allegedly killed his neighbour Keith Nyambira with whom he had a long-standing dispute over a woman.

According to Sunday News, in December 2013 the now deceased Nyambira severely assaulted Makonza when the two clashed over a woman.

Nyambira paid a beast to Makonza’s parents as compensation for the damages and injuries sustained by the latter as a result of the assault.

Nyambira fled from his home in a bid to evade arrest after Makonza reported the matter to the police.

According to a  relative, who refused to be named Nyambira resurfaced last month and was spotted by Makonza.

“The two fought in 2013 and Makonza sustained serious injuries. Nyambira left home when he heard that the police were looking for him. He came back home last month and Makonza saw him,” said the relative. Source: Sunday News

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